My friendship with Photography was started when I was 5 years old. My father gave me a toy film camera and I made my first photo. I didn’t know how to look at it.  My father took my camera, opened it, took out a cassette and went away in to the darkness. He was a great magician. He could take film and make a picture.

I grew up and the magic became a reality and I learned the big art of film developing and printing in darkroom. I made many photos for my family. I was obsessed with photography. But I had to think about my main profession. And I began studying strongly. I finished school, university and started working. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to realize all my goals concerning photography during a long period of my life. A new moment of happiness arrived. I decided to purchase my first serious digital camera in 2005. It was a 300D. A new cycle of obsession began. I began walking with the camera to find something interesting. But I understood that I should study. I visited some workshops, learned the main laws of photography and started creating.

I prefer two genres of photography — still life and landscape. If you have a main profession and need to have a rest sometimes, both of them are all you need. There is a magic interaction between photographer and the subjects he looks at. Subjects speak to him, he speaks to subjects. I guess only in this dialog a great photograph may be born.

All the best photographs I’ve ever made I devote to my lovely father and my family.
I thank them all for their amazing support.

Date of Birth: 1969.
Place of birth: Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, Russia.
Based in: Moscow, Russia.